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  • MadCrayolaz

    When you are adding variants to the Variant Chart, do not go out of your way to order it by level! The chart can handle this itself, and DOES NOT NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE IN DOING THIS. Any edit that is attempting to order the chart will be undone swiftly.

    If you have any questions regarding how Variant Charts work, feel free to post the question on my Talk Page.

    If you need to see how a variant chart should be formatted, go here.

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  • MadCrayolaz
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  • MadCrayolaz

    With a firm base of new players from Borderlands 2, the game has introduced many new unique guns to the Wikia. Although I'm new, I've been reading through many of the old pages for Borderlands 1, and I have read through the Usage & Description sections. Most of them are pretty good, but I still feel they are biased.

    I know this was discussed in the past when adding it, but I think we are at an optimal juncture to bring it up again. The game has only recently been released, and hasn't had a majority of the pages made or even close to being a non-stub. Due to this, I think the future status of the section should be discussed.

    I know I am dealing with The Old Guard (thanks Fryguy), but I hope you will try to get past the feelings of what is…

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