• Mark4518

    on borderlands series with axton team. Salvador Maya Zer0 die in train but axton survivor and he meet claptrap and other to stop jack . . .later axton kill jack and now  axton with new team with Lilith Brick Mordecai clatrap go on adventure and kill enemies to protect pandora and new Vehicle car/bus/boat/helicopter 

    start on april 6 2013


    epsiode 35

    it future series wed on ign machinima screwattack it be great series/video game with 35 episode you can help go ign machinima screwattack tale help make borderlands series o.k and go help

    start it axton babysitting tiny tina tea party play and axton tina both fall sleep he wake up and later axton shoot robot with clatrap and later axton clatrap go back outrunner to Sanctuary but axton had …

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