Love him or hate him, the conniving Handsome Jack is definitely one of the Borderlands universe's most enigmatic personalities. To celebrate the character, we asked you, the esteemed members of the Borderlands Wikia community, to submit your favorite trivia related to the self-appointed dictator of Pandora for this latest edition of Wikia Fan Facts!

Check out the top ten Fan facts below!

1. All in the Family

Jack's father left at an early age, and his mother gave Jack up to his grandmother. Jack later says he killed his mother. Awkwarddingo


2. Eyes to See You

His left eye is green and right blue.. with the mask, they're opposite. Mythicmyrrh Daggerox

Handsome Jack Closeup 1

3. Total Buzzkill

His gradmother drowned his cat. And his grandmother disciplined him with a buzz axe. StoppedDesert8

Jack intro

4. Perfectly Normal Comforts

Jack describes wearing his mask like putting on a ones-ey after getting it out of the drier. Awkwarddingo

BL2-Axton-Head-Handsome Jack's Mask

5. A Coward's Hue

Jack's favorite color is obviously yellow, which is known to be the color of cowards. Awkwarddingo

Tumblr n8awg1VTg51raphrwo1 r1 250

6. Painful Pleasure

He likes pain. Mythicmyrrh Daggerox

Handsome jack 1 by princessbloodymary-d6xchdh

7. Risky Business, Indeed

His favorite actor is Tom Cruise. Awkwarddingo


8. Full of Hot Air

He farts when he sleeps. Mythicmyrrh Daggerox


9. Equal Opportunity Sociopath

He hates playing favorites, so he hates all the vault hunters equally. Awkwarddingo

Borderlands 2 vault hunters by xpand your mind-d6ontm4

10. Cooking Up Something Good

He is also very handy in the kitchen.Awkwarddingo


Thank you to everyone for their input! At the end of the day, just remember the wise (probably problematic) word's of Lostwolf2 Jack is love, jack is life. Naruen744 also goes so far to suggest a reveal in the dynamic: "The Vault Hunters are the villains, and Handsome Jack is the hero" — but as this meme reminds us, that's almost certainly not the case:


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