• Mernimbler

    Red Chests

    November 16, 2010 by Mernimbler

    A few observations on the available Red Chests:

    1) The first one, on the roof of the building where the bus drops the player off at the start of the game, generally contains average-quality weapons up to Level 7 (ish), after this, they tend to stall as basic Jakobs sniper rifles.

    2) The crate on the cliff-side bandit camp in Arid Badlands, the site of Scavenger: Combat Rifle, has another, which is in the highest, furthest-right shack. This crate usually contains some excellent weapons: eg, four Level 22 Class Mods at Level 13, a blue-rarity rocket launcher at Level 24, and on one occasion, a purple rarity Sniper Rifle dealing 215 damage at Level 13.

    Between these two, in twenty minutes I made more than $15,00.

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  • Mernimbler


    September 12, 2010 by Mernimbler

    Which is your best weapon?

    My Playthrough 1 Hunter has an Atlas sniper that kills Alpha Skags in two hits, Badass Skags in one and Bone Head in three. This good at Level 13?

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