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  • NOhara24

    Gearbox. Please stop.

    November 16, 2012 by NOhara24

    So it turns out this DLC will be everything I didn't want.

    Not only is it an arena-style DLC, which I loathe.

    But there's ANOTHER new currency, that makes for 4. (Cash, Eridium, Seraph Crystals and the new "Torgue Tokens"), along with the new vending machines that ALWAYS FEATURE A LEGENDARY WEAPON AS THE ITEM OF THE DAY.

    What the FUCK, Gearbox?! Do we even have to try anymore?! Or are you just going to keep feeding us new currencies and let us pick our oranges out of a vending machine?!

    Calling it now, this was another phoned-in DLC, just like Capt. Scarlett.

    I'm so tired of it. Give us knoxx-tier DLCs or don't give us anything at all. I'm tired of collecting new currencies when I've already got 99 eridium and a millions of dollars in cash burn…

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  • NOhara24

    Alright, back when I was helping people flesh out drop guides for legendary weapon articles, someone whom I no longer remember made it a point to change the word "rare" for the word uncommon. As in "X legendary gun is an uncommon drop from Y enemy."

    That's wrong. You know what is an uncommon drop? Eridium is uncommon. It even meets the definition of "not ordinarily enocountered." While I understand that technically legendary weapons do infact meet the definition of uncommon, I would say that Doc Mercy only having a .107% (Yes, point one-zero-seven, 1/927) chance to drop the infinity pistol is infact rare and not simply just uncommon.

    All recorded research, barring low sample sizes, points to the best chance of any boss dropping their legendary a…

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  • NOhara24

    This is every single Borderlands 2 weapon prefix in the game as of this point. Cheers.

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  • NOhara24


    February 10, 2012 by NOhara24

    Well then. This is pretty much an end to my wikia career. Fitting, I suppose. I see no reason to hide anything about it.

    I've been relieved of my duties as sysop by User:Dr. Clayton Forrestor for editing a page pertaining to Borderlands 2. FULL DISCLOSURE:

    I had taken a penchant toward the pages, as I personally am against posting speculation on anywhere but rumor blogs. Especially without a ]]}}

    Note what I was guilty of in the past was removing speculation from a page concerning speculation about a game that is still in development. Going directly against the notice posted right at the top of the page. That, I make no qualms about. I was in the wrong in those cases.

    However, what got my adminship revoked was the edit seen here.

    I undid Dr.F, …

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  • NOhara24


    December 8, 2011 by NOhara24

    Hello All,

    This is my last semester at the place of higher learning that I currently attend. That being said, contrary to other last semesters at school, this one is a BITCH. Namely because of the be-all, end-all capstone project. 71% of the people (out of a class of 70+) failed the project last quarter. Also, you fail? You don't graduate. Sorry.

    That being said, I would like to graduate on time. I'm tired of being in school, and being an adult and paying down my student loans is a tempting prospect. So, I may not be as active on the wiki as I would like. I also will be signed in to steam less often. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights are when I have class, so those of you that have my number, that's the only way to contact me on those nigh…

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