Seriously ladies and gentlemen. What is wrong with BL2? Been seeing so much crap about it being not as good as the seconded. Not as good as we thought it was going to be. Well you are wrong ;). Borderlands 2 is amazing period. Here are my reasons

Bigger and better maps.

The maps on borderlands 2 are BIGGER and BETTER. The free roam on the new maps are literally better than life itself. The detail that is so evident in the seconded borderlands compared to the first is so clear.

Enemies and bosses.

This might spark some controversy. I think that the enemies in BL2 are better than BL1 especially the bosses. I think that the bosses. Are harder and need more methodical tactics too. For example the "BNK3R" was for me the most mentally challenging bosses to beat. The thought of having to take out two small cannons on a moving target with any gun is hard enough in my opinion. Mixed in with a bundle of different loaders to me equals mayhem.

The script

My strongest point I have is the fact that the script is absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt the funniest game script I have ever listend to in my life. I don't think that the main script for the campaign isn't supposed to be histareicle. But it's the little things like claptrap beat boxing really (*really really*) genius. It's the little peices of txt that you hear just as you are running away from psychos, running round sanctuary, listening to handsome jack.

And I think this sums up BL2. "The little things". The little things make this game what it is. And the little things make it better than the first one. Not by leaps and bounds but just a little. And that's what you expect from a good sequel. You don't want to try and go out and beat the first game by so much that you miss the detail. You go out to make a sequel so that you can improve slowly. Making it better slowly. So people who are saying the seconded borderlands was plain and boringly similar to the first one. You are correct. The games would be similar. But you need to look for the little things that make the game great.

Few got that of my chest ;)

Salvador as the Gunzerker

F**k yeah

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