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    March 11, 2010 by NeedModdedNow

    Hey, guess what? Modded weapons are cool. We need to reinstitute them back into the borederlands world. I have now stopped playing borderlands altogether becuase its getting me pissed off. I HATE DYING EVERY FIVE SECONDS goddamn. I think we should patch the crazy ones like the FAt bastard and the other laggy ones, but keep the normal ones because it makes the game so much better. Also, we need to have shields but thats for tomorrows post. I cant really get past the first level of the new DLC and then stopped because these goddamn crimson assassins pop up outta nowhere. And the cars! i can go on forever, so well save that for two days from now..

    Back to modded guns. I believe that the game was significantly better when we had modded …

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