Krieg likes his axe very much, therefore his skills maximise this feature with addition of fire.


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Blood Filled Guns[1/5]: Lust will run through his veins


Empty The Rage[3/5]: His power is beyond measure...

Feed The Meat[5/5]: and it won't be taken easily

Fuel The Rampage[5/5]: his anger shall be unleashed

Light The Fuse[1/1]: Even when downed, he stands untouched

Thrill Of The Kill[5/5]: Their last feeling is like a bandage

Salt The Wound[5/5]: When stripping is not enough

Redeem The Soul[1/1]:

Release The Beast[1/1]: Ultimate pain is coming!


Burn Baby, Burn[3/5]: Fire!

Fuel The Fire[3/5]: More Fire!

Numbed Nerves[5/5]: Fire is his shield

Pain is Power[2/5]: They will suffer for longer

Elemental elation[3/5]:Shoot bullets for longer

Delusional Damage[1/1]: When killing is not satisfiing

Fire Fiend[4/5]: Fire shall guide your bullets

Fire Flare[1/5]: Keep yourself on fire for longer

Hellfire Halitosis[1/1]: Why using hands when you can spit fire?

Elemental Empathy[5/5]: Their pain will heal you

Raving Retribution[1/1]: Hit them back! Now with homing Fire balls

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