• Olaf Redland

    FINALLY, first Pearl.

    December 18, 2010 by Olaf Redland

    Too bad its an Ironclad with lower capacity than the purple shield im using.

    ah well. its something.

    oh, this is in split screen, with a scavenger class hunter. >.>

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  • Olaf Redland

    I must be over 100 craw runs now...solo, with catalyst.

    no pearls. one specter mod (crap), two maliwan specialist mods (crap), and some other loyalty mods for other classes (crap). oh, i got a good defilier. and a good hellfire.

    but damn, am i EVER sick of Firehawks.

    literally, they drop a minimum of 1 per 3 craw kills.


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