• OnceLurker

    This is a build for Gaige (obviously) that uses glitches to run through the game for fun.  This Requires DLC 1, and DLC 4 is great for the Grog Nozzle.  I'm going to call this the

    GOTY Build, for DLCs 1 and 4.  Also, UVH Pack 1.

    Glitches used: -1 shot and Buck Up


    -1 shot: This requires a Vladof Launcher and another gun.  Fire your launcher until you get your free shot.  When you do, switch to another gun, then back to your launcher.

    Swap once more, but while swapping, open your inventory and switch the two guns' slots.

    This is the weapon fusing/merging glitch.  The game thinks you are holding the launcher, which is  registered with -1 shot.

    Buck Up: Gaige has a skill called Buck Up (BFFs: at least lv 11.) where DT reovers her shield…

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