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    Borderlands 3, the player should be able to play as the same characters from the previous first two Borderlands (Berserker, Siren, Soldier, Hunter, Assassin, Gunzerker, Siren, Commando, Mecromancer, & the Pysco). New characrters for this game should include an Archer who specializes in accuracy at long distances and using bows & arrows, a character who disgues themselves as an enemy and be undected by them until their action skill time is up. I don't know any other characters to think of but to put Duke Nukem in this game as playable BADASS character (which a DLC). Either way, Duke should definetly be a playable character and heres how he would play out in borderlands:

    The story of Duke's Borderlands 3 DLC adventure would start off on the p…

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