I have found beating the Underdome is very difficult. So finally finish making a level 69 siren with 50 level weapons proficiency in every single weapon typr, even eridian! I get this big idea to finally kick ass in the Underdome and score that extra skill point in the end, by doing it all on playthrough 1.

I assumed like the rest of play through one playthrough 2.5 would not apply, and also I haven't unlocked 2.5 for the second playthrough with siren yet.

Nevertheless, as I begin round 1 in Hellburbia what unexpectedly knocks out my entire 4624 capacity shield( actualy a 3287 shield but I have 5/5 Diva skill so it's more ) but a level 69 psycho! The next bandit I encounter again shows a level 69...the prove your self mission challenge for some reason was classified as level 15 trivial.

Yet 2.5 rules seemed to be in action!

I was so dissatisfied with this and I knew I'd never make it to the end If all minor enemies were 69, medium enemies 70, and bosses 72.

Exiting the Underdome I exit the game, sulking & mistaken...darn I guess I'll never beat the Underdome!

Why did it reach gameplay 2.5 logic? Any clue?

Alas, my scheme to have the unfair advantage in the Underdome playthrough 1 turned the tables on me!

So unjust am I right?

Sorry I just had to vent my great disappointment. Thanks for listening.

Later gamerz!

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