name- <feel free to help on this>

class- gunmancer

stuff you don't want her to do (i want it to be a she because the game needs more female badasses)- gunmance mode (slows her down to about 20% speed, cancels ALL slowdowns from hoplites and such because it would literally make the player stuck in their place. has a 1min cooldown and 1min duration, it adds about 30% gun damage while its active and because it would get extreamly annoing to just have it there for one min you can recall the ability at any time. the activation goes something like this: she pulls out a little module and sticks it to her gun, than hits it with a hammer just before it starts, the animation would go on for 1.5sec, 1 for the module and .5 for the hammer.), d34th ray (at the end of the "carnage" tree- more damage, more fire rate, more magazine size and 500% more AWESOME. gives you the beility to give the module a "stare" like lazer, dealing fire damage WITHOUT switching your weapon's element, the damage is calculated with your level and NOT the gun's level.). XPLOOTIONS (at the end of the "demogirl" tree- less accuracy, more slag, more explotion, i bet torgue's proud. starts throwing out costume 'nades that don't cost ammo and cause massive explosive damage if thrown directly, makes a big slag explotion for the enemys that surevive.) <i have no name for this yet>(at the end of "speedy thing comes in"- GIMME MY LEGS BACK YOU JERK!(gives you some speed and fire rate bonuses. a tame tree so you can balance the awesome finel skill) makes gunmance mode activateable in FFYL, gives you 50% movement speed in FFYL, from your normal speed, about double the movement speed in FFYL. gives you bonus 50% movement speed in normal gunmance combet, adding to a total of 150% movement speed in combat with the tree itself.)

backstory- her perents always kept her trained on firearms, mainly rifles, because of where they live in, one city on eden6 that is completely covered by an energy shield, the city has been like that from when hyperion came to there, almost an overlook but with gangs for the shivers. after wanting to break her family out she started working a module built to destry and cancel certain mechanics and electronics, as with all people that tried to run away her perents got shot in place. she ran away and sneaked onto one of the spaceships that contain hyperion equipment to pandora... after seeing the vault hunters she wanted to join in, to evenge her perents.

appearance- looks a lot like gaige, wears a metal mask and a black hood (because she needed to cover her face). wears mostly grey and has the module hanging on her belt together with the hammer. she punches for melee.

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