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While Borderlands 2 is all about the guns, there's bodies behind those guns, and they matter dang it! Familiarize yourself with the main playable characters of Borderlands 2 to add a little pathos to your pewpew as you traverse the dangerous world of Pandora!

Maya Zer0 Axton
Maya profile Zero Axton
Maya is a Siren who was worshipped on the planet Athenas (her planet of origin) as a goddess, before learning that the monks that had raised her were exploiting her in order to rule the people of Athenas. After escaping she arrived at Pandora to learn about her heritage as a Siren and to melt any who oppose her.

Maya's skill is Phaselock, which allows her to lock an enemy in another dimension for a short period of time. It can be upgraded to do damage, but is primarily an excellent way to control large groups of enemies.

Zer0 is an expert assassin/contract killer who headed to Pandora looking for a challenge. Very little is known about him as he is completely covered in a suit and no real information is found in the game about him. He only has four fingers on each hand though, leading some to believe he is not human.

His special ability is Decepti0n, which allows Zer0 to briefly cloak while deploying a secondary illusion of himself on the battlefield. Attacking while he is cloaked ends Decepti0n, but drastically increase the damage of any attack used. This is a great move for safely dealing massive damage to a single target.

Axton is a commando from the planet Heironymus. After being discharged from the military for his excessive hubris and refusal to follow orders, Axton became a bounty hunter, eventually arriving at Pandora.

His special ability is the Sabre Turret, a mounted gun with 360 degree rotation that can be upgraded. It lasts 20 seconds and is a great way to both distract and attack enemies.

Krieg Gaige Salvador
Krieg profile Gaige profile Salvador
Krieg is an escaped experiment who fled from a lab underneath Pandora. As a Psycho class fighter, he's destined to be an ultra-violent maniac who relishes killing, but fortunately he's guided by an inner voice that dictates he only kill bad people and help those who need it.

His special ability is Buzz Axe Rampage, which allows him to do massive amounts of damage with his buzz axe, while replenishing his health for each enemy he kills. The ability's cooldown is reduced as you take damage, encouraging Kreig players to play hyper aggressively.

Gaige is a mechromancer and the creator of Deathtrap, her combat mech. After having her mech design stolen by her high school rival Marcy, Deathtrap accidentally killed Marcy thinking she was attacking Gaige. This forced Gaige and Deathtrap to flee Eden-5 and head for Pandora to avoid arrest.

Gaige's Special Ability is the use of her mech Deathtrap, whose abilities differ greatly depending on how you choose to level up.

Salvador was born on Pandora and is the only member of the cast who is a native. He is a freedom fighter who battles against the corporations looking to exploit Pandora.

Salvador's special ability is Gunzerking, which allows the player to dual wield weapons for a short time. His natural hardiness and increased damage output while gunzerking makes Salvador an excellent tank.

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