Gaige Build - Kamikaze Kitten

This has my current build for the last several weeks. It works at medium to close range on the premise of Gaige primarily using large spread  or area effect explosive weaponry to inflict heavy damage while being being tanky enough to carry a party of even the most useless assassins. (Yes, I already know "useless" and "assassin" is redundant.)

Gaige (KamiKaze Kitten build)

Gaige - Kamikaze Kitten spec sheet.

Best Friends Forever

  • Close Enough (3) - Just the right amount. Needed for Anarchy.
  • Cooking Up Trouble (5) - To be tanky
  • Fancy Mathmatics (5) - For the Evolution to make you extra tanky.
  • Buckup (1) - For the Evolution to make you extra extra tanky.
  • Potent Pony (5) - With load out you have over !00,000 Health and 140,000 health w/ Deathtrap active.
  • Upshot Robot (1) - Longer distraction time to recover.
  • Unstoppable force (1) - Not that bad. Not that great.
  • Explosive Clap (1) - Devastating crowdbreaker attack.
  • Made of Sterner Stuff - Makes you tanky while making deathtrap awesome
  • Sharing is Caring - For a tankier Deathtrap.

Little Big Trouble

  • Myelin (5) - Needed for shield resistance
  • Shock Storm (1) - Not that great. Not that bad.

Ordered Chaos

  • Anarchy (1)
  • S,L,F (4)
  • Robot Rampage (1) - This attack, while not exceptional in damage, is very distracting to the AI.
  • Preshrunk Cyberpunk (4) - Because Bloodsoaked shield will kill you with this build.
  • Discord (1) - Required for maintaining stacks and on the fly healing.

Item loadout

  • Relic - Blood of Seraphs
  • Shield - Evolution
  • Mod - Potent Roboteer (Blue) +6 Sterner Stuff +5 Poten Pony
  • Prefered guns - DP Unkempt Harold, Corrosive Kitten, Royal Blockhead, Feculent Chulainn

File:Gaige (KamiKaze Kitten build).jpg

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