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User blog:PsychoBunneh/Level 69 too easy to achieve,Crawmerax glitch responsible


Level 69 too easy to achieve,Crawmerax glitch responsible

The new level cap rise was put into place to make the game more challenging,make bosses more difficult and balance things out. I believe they half succeeded,within 20 minutes I was able to go from 61 to 69,how? Because of the infamous Craw glitch, and Im not complaining about the glitch. What Im complaining about is the fact that Craw barely changed in difficulty. I was able to kill him just as fast without even upgrading to a new 61+ gun that did more damage. I was able to use my same old smg from before the rise,and when I popped out of the glitch to take out his back, he was doing,from what I observed, the same ammount of damage! The fact that Craw was easy to farm,giving a crazy exp reward boost,and barely doing anymore damage,makes the level cap rise's intentions kind of zapped. The enemies are more difficult yes,but easy to manage just because of how easy it is to get to the new max level. I love the new patch,but I thought maybe a few things could of been done differently.

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