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Slasher Spin-off in the Borderlands Universe

RJSnaiper September 26, 2013 User blog:RJSnaiper

Hello, Borderlands fans from England, USA and other contries.

I'm RJSnaiper - one of administrations of Russian Borderlands Wiki.

Few days ago I  had shown our community my ideas about future of Borderlands.

And one of ideas is 'Slasher Spin-off'. Creating this idea, I was incpired by Metal Gear Rising - so good slasher spin-off in Metal Gear Solid University.

Now I haven't much time so I can't explain you all details of idea.

But if you interested in this idea - write me and I'll try to translate it.

P.S If you found some mistakes in my text - it's normal =)

Hear you can read my ideas (if you know language of course =)) [1]

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