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Emergency Boat Launch

Rayzyr August 4, 2010 User blog:Rayzyr

Okay, so when I was on my usual run of finding random glitches and places in the game when I stumbled upon something interesting to me. I was jumping on top of the Shot Bar in T-Bone Junction and running onto the bounty board building where I found a weapons case (not interesting), but what caught my eye was a boat hanging from some ropes below. I ran out to the street to go onto the boat and I found a sign that said, "EMERGENCY BOAT LAUNCH" and had a picture of Claptrap, Healing Symbol, and "You're On A Boat" picture. I went on the boat and only found 3 cases of money (Boring, huh?). I'm just wondering how many of you knew about this and/or tried to "experiment" with the boat.

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