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  • Razldazlchick

    Explore Pandora

    September 4, 2012 by Razldazlchick

    Here's a short video roundup from I was about to add them to their appropriate pages, but until then..

    Threshers [1]

    Claptrap [2]

    Nomad [3]

    Opportunity [4]

    Sheriff [5]

    Bullymong [6]

    Moon Base [7]

    Vehicles [8]

    The amount of excitement i have for this game cannot be expressed in words, although i'm sure everyone can relate. ~ 21:53, September 4, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Razldazlchick
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  • Razldazlchick

    Two weeks ago, I stumbled across a post on the Borderlands facebook page. To my understanding, Gearbox is looking for a face model of someone to portray Lilith (similar to how the Guardian Angel was pictured) for the upcoming sequel Borderlands 2. Since there were not a lot of ladies that visit the site (that we know of) I didn't bother to update the feed with this new insight of what might be in Blands2.

    Anyways, I have taken the liberty upon myself of fighting negotiating with my job, creating a costume, and going to the open casting call. Unfortunately, the studio which I arrived at was not Gearbox but was a neat little building home to Janimation. I felt a little silly walking in, since the few people that I had passed were in normal clothi…

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  • Razldazlchick

    I laughed so hard. poor lilith.

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  • Razldazlchick

    (360) New Character

    February 20, 2011 by Razldazlchick

    'Ello everybody, i was thinking about starting over on a new character for the xbox. This will be my... 7 or 8th time restarting the game, i'll be making another Berserker character and if anyone has any glitched missions or want to start a new character or want something to do, just let me know. gt: razldazlchick

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