Alrighty, so several weeks ago... well probably about a month now, I said that i would dupe some pearls. The problem is, is that i have been waiting on a friend of mine to host a lobby where i can just dupe them a bunch of times, and well they have not been available and i was busy with other things. So i guess what i'm asking is...

Is there any trustworthy peep that i can rely on that could host a lobby (360) where i can duplicate these items. I have them on different characters and was planning to move them to one, and then just duplicate them off the one character. And to those who i said i would dupe for and have messaged me on xbox, i will gladly share some pearls. i just need a trustworthy host. pwease? thanks. Razldazlchick 08:42, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

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