I went to Jakobs cove today. Saw it in a advertisement along the highway on my way to see Moxxi. i need a vacation, i thought. Killing skags, shooting bandits, looting armories, the list goes on. So i hit up the nearest fast travel location and teleport there. Nice view of the ocean. Then a friendly cl4p-tp says that it has been taken over by zombies. Unholy $h!t. Just what i need. So i travel on to find its true, and now im knee deep in zombie bodys. I get to the town and repair some turrets, then travel on to talk to clap trap again. He says i should go see doctor Ned in his lake apartment. So i do and he's not there, but he left a note that says he's in hallows end. Great. Why dont you just shoot me? Oh yeah, zombies cant shoot. After a long journey i dont feel like talking about, i reach Ned. It took him, like, seven hours to bring down the elevator. I get up to him, and can tell he's drunk as hell. Oh, and he made the zombies. He tell's me there's a antidote in the generally hospital zone. Well, im gunna chill at the treehouse for a while, then go get it. TO BE CONTINUED......

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