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  • RoboPotato

    I made my own Loader

    April 15, 2013 by RoboPotato

    "ARCH_LD's, or Arch Loader: Deconstructor, are a special type of Loader made specifically for guarding important ARCH-like (bridges) structures due to their excessive weaponry  They are programmed to kill any trespassers on sight, unless a Hyperion ID is shown."

    Name: ARCH_18LD

    Faction: HYPERION


    -Several kinds of weapons at his disposal. 

    -Weapons include a fusion cannon, laser turrets, melee blade, salvaged gattling-gun like cannon he calls "Lil' Elijah".

    -He has a hand. Not all Loaders have that. He thinks it's cool.

    -Did I mention he has two shields?


    -Has a personility. Because of this, he has emotions, attitude, and can be negotiated with.

    -Shooting his bandit mask makes him mad. He has a 5% chance to pick it back up.

    -He thinks Li…

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