• RollinOfTheTide

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to get you guys opinion on the infinity weapons in the game!

    Which kind is your favorite?

    Why do you think they are useful?

    Stuff like that, Thanks!

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  • RollinOfTheTide

    Hey guys!

    Just had a few questions about the future in the series of Borderlands 2. I have been reading some articles that have said that there may be a reappearance of Handsome Jack. That is, if there is even another game in the Borderlands series. So the questions I have for you are:

    1)Do you think there will even be another game in the Borderlands series?

    2)If so, do you think there will be a return of Handsome Jack in the next game?

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  • RollinOfTheTide

    Hey guys new to the wiki! Hope you enjoy new blog coming out soon! Just asking a few questions but I will do more research into the topic!

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