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    With the introduction of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, we will now have a whole plethora of new toys to play with and document. Among these items are the new oxygen tank-jetpacks, referred to by the developers as Oz Kits, which replace Relics. My question to the community is: how should we handle these Oz Kits?

    Of course, that question is somewhat vague and can take on a lot of answers and interpretations. To clarify, I think it best to "break it down" and ask a few, smaller questions to which we can answer simply. As such, I strongly believe we refrain from creating any articles about Oz Kits until a decision has been decided on, as a community - the Borderlands Wiki community.

    The first, major question we need to ask ourselves is what to name…

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  • Sakuretsu115

    Hello, Pandora! Today, I wish to share with you my hopes and dreams, my wishes and aspirations. Well, mostly just what I'd like to see in Borderlands 3 - if it ever gets announced. Yes, yes; it's another one of THOSE blogs. Let the moans and groans commence. Anyway, the first thing I want to elaborate on is the different ways to melt enemies in the universe of Borderlands. What I mean is, the different elements infused in guns and leaking from certain enemies. I was originally going to create blog posts for each major idea, but I decided to throw it all in one blog - I can come back and add more later. Now, before I go on, I just want to make clear that not ALL ideas are mine, but I'll let you know what isn't.

    The first five elements are what we …

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  • Sakuretsu115

    ATTENTION: The update from October 29, 2015 has completely broken this. Do NOT update if you still intend to utilize this method for spawning Vermivorous, farming bosses or just generally making the game more challenging.

    Hello, all you wonderful people! Today I will be detailing how to spawn this elusive bugger (that's a pun, you see [thank you, Sir Hammerlock]) known as Vermivorous the Invincible - by yourself. Now, as you all may know, it is rather difficult to spawn Vermivorous without a full party - and even then it's fairly rare with 4 players. However, it IS possible to spawn and even defeat this little guy (that's an understatement) all by your lonesome.

    Before I go on, I would like to state the fact that this is my first blog... any…

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