• Sh!ft

    Editing BL2 - August Update

    August 23, 2013 by Sh!ft

    First, I'm not dead. This is a complete dump of the GNames table from BL2 as of today. I have completed my C90 edition of my Unreal Internals Engine. It's written entirely in C and follows the ISO standard rather than the ANSI standard so people on a MAC or LINUX box can also use it. It is written as a library that gets attached and started from another process; this way, its internal functions can just use assembly such as "mov" to read/modify data.

    The engine abuses the hell out of the C Macro Preprocessor; in this way, it's primary structs can be changed via a macro that replicates globally. For example, the dump you see above was produced via an alternate header acting on UE3Structures.h. If instead I imp…

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  • Sh!ft

    Editing BL2

    May 31, 2013 by Sh!ft

    There's a severe lack of documentation on modding Borderlands 2. I find this to be a shame with the lively modding community Borderlands originally had. So, why not sponsor change? Do your part, sign up today!

    Borderlands 2 packs with an obscure compression algorithm known as Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer (LZO) . This lossless compression algorithm is renound for its speed. The game itself is based loosely on Unreal Engine 3. The Unreal Engine is just a collection of modern rendering techniques and design tools for primarily industrial use. That being said, the engine itself, and Unreal Script, is a dynamically typed language that compiles into a "cooked" distribution. That distribution is a packaging of game resources in a manner made for that plat…

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