• Shortdude3000

    Legendary Suggestions

    February 22, 2013 by Shortdude3000

    Here are some of my ideas for some awesome legendaries that could be included in future games. If you have any suggestions, post them in the comments and I'll feature your idea in the post :)

    Gun Name Gun Type Flavour Text Special Ability

    Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device*

    Assault Rifle ' Acts like standard rocketeer, but fires singularity grenades. Only two grenades can exist at any given time
    Mother Of Dragons Rocket Launcher ' Fires three high powered fireballs. Has voice module that makes high pitched squealing sounds when fired
    Mach VIII Sniper Rifle ' High powered fast moving shock bullets. High accuracy, slow firing rate.
    The Prototype Pistol ' Incredibly low damage, +600% Melee damage. Melee range +300%
    The Bill Rocket Launcher ' Never…

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  • Shortdude3000

    Legendary Warrior

    This build is set to fully utilise the "Legendary Soldier" Class mod, which provides up to +5 skill points into each of the tier 1 skills.

    The build allows for maximum turret damage, whilst providing more protection and damage for Axton himself. It can provide boosts in near death situations, and allows for Axton to escape fire after obtaining kills, resulting in many lucky escapes. Overall, the build provides a huge amount of bonus damage from Axton and both of his turrets, whilst maximising the time that they both stay alive.

    If you have any changes to suggest, let me know in the talk section! 


    Sentry 5/5: Allows for turret guns to deal much more damage and last longer. With Phalanx shield, reduced damage sustains t…

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