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So I'm brand new with this and I want to uncheck my "Steal Loot" objective for Marcus' mission in the Armory so I can continue to use the glitch and loot it. I also don't know too much about computers either so that doesn't help but I've been watching some videos on how to modify guns and such but I can't open the Willow program. I downloaded the newest zip drive, I have copied my game data to a flash drive and is now on my computer but it won't let me read the program to where I get the screen thats shows the Modify Game/ Modify Guns screen so I can open it up and start working on the game data. Can someone tell me what I need to do to actually install the program? And I'm using a Mac and I have a PS3. I know willow tree is compatible with PS3 but I wouldn't know basically where to go after I loaded my game data to the willow tree program so I could uncheck my objective. Does anyone have the patience to explain this? shredbang89

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