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Yeah, im kinda late. XD I have been looking at this wiki forever, and now im level 61, so i made an account finally XD. I also made an account because i have seen, or more like, haven't seen, some things i could contribute. I know many strategies i haven't seen, some great sniping spots (for those hunters), leveling tricks, money tricks, and even variants of weapons. I do look forward to editing this wiki and talking to other members, and, more importantly, playing with some of the other members, to see how other people play this game. I do know the duplicating trick also, which i have noticed some people din't know. I use the Xbox 360, have all the add-ons, and my Gamertag is Silentj0y. so if you want to play with me, or duplicate weapons, just message me. And i am going to put more blogs up. Probably randomly. XD I will also probably change the lame name of this blog, i made it in about 10 seconds XD

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