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(PS3) Trying to create a "General Store" for you

Ok, all of you are looking for something in B-Lands, right? So why we don´t help each others? Like, I´ve many guns, I don´t need, and I can look for them. The guns I´ve, are just wating for someone, who needs them... I would really like, if everyone are ready to help each others (there is really boring now, no DLC 4) to looking for guns, shields etc. If you´re ready to share your gun collection, don´t just stand there, move your ass! If you don´t need some gun, you can mabey trade it for another...

I´m looking for over 1600 Torgue shield and Vladof Stalker... If you´ve one, if you don´t need it, please open your mouth. I promise to look the gun/s you want/need. And please, help my guns to find their right & attentive owner. :D

I´m looking the gun/s you need, if you say their name/s, so comments please! PSN: Shadow_Of_Loader Sinister5310 06:24, June 8, 2010 (UTC)

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