A new Borderlands 2 class has been announced: The Gunzerker. According to an interview with IGN, the Gunzerker will be able to temporarily dual-wield guns. Anthony Burch and Jon Hemingway, the lead writer and lead designer for Borderlands 2, have said that the Gunzerker will get three skill trees to put points into. The three trees are the Brawn tree, the Rampage tree, and the Gun Lust tree.

The Brawn tree is for tanking, with the "Come at Me, Bro" skill being available. With this skill, players can taunt enemies, drawing all attention to themselves and away from their partners. The best part is after you taunt, you get a complete health refill.

The Rampage tree will feature a skill called the "Yippie Ki Yay." With this skill, players can enter a rampage mode, and the more enemies they kill, the longer the rampage lasts. If you start a fight with tons of enemies and enter rampage mode immediately, you could effectively last in your rampage throughout the entire encounter as long as you keep killing opponents.

The Gun Lust tree will feature the skill called "There's no Kill Like Overkill." This skill will allow players who kill weakened enemies with a massive attack to convert the extra damage dealt into health. So if you weaken an enemy to near-death, then finish off with a massive rocket launcher, all of the extra damage dealt will go straight to your health.

If you start playing with one play style, but want to switch, don't worry! There will be options to restructure your skill points, but the details haven't been fully worked out yet.

Other skills have been announced for the Gunzerker as well, such as the "Money Shot" skill, where the last bullet in a clip will deal much more damage than the others, and the skill called "Double Your Fun" where if you throw a grenade while gunzerking, you will actually throw two, and the second one does not cost any ammo.

To read more about the Gunzerker, and other info on Borderlands 2, check out the IGN article right here. Will you play a Gunzerker, or will you wait to see the other classes before making your choice? Let us know in the comments!

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