• Soy the Stig

    If you're reading this, first of all, thank you. Since the internet is a cold, insecure land, I'll leave out the personal details. I've got the 360 version of the game. As of writing, I've got a 61 hunter and 25 siren, training the siren. I'm certainly up for cooperation; unfortunately, I don't quite know how to "dup" items. Like everyone, I (expletive removed)ed up one of the armory missions, anyone wishing to help get me through that jam is a. A fantastic person and b. Greatly appreciated. Gamertag is "Soy the Stig", much like my name on this wiki. If sending me a message or initiating contact in any other way, be sure to mention the wiki, else I will see you as an intruder and act accordingly.

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