• Terane

    • SMG's and other high rate of fire weaponry. Works best with elemental effects that do damage over time. Maliwan Hellfire is amazing for this.
    • Shotgun with fairly high fire rate, moderate clip size, and damage output. Does not have to be accurate or elemental, but should have a decent reload rate.
    • ANY
    • ANY

    • Centurion Class Mod that focuses on Safeguard, Hardened, and Die Hard. +TeamMaxHP% is a bonus that also helps this build
    • Grenade Mod, preferably MIRV or Sticky, with a damage over time Elemental. 

    • Torgue Impenetrable Macho (High Capacity & +HP%)

    • Corrosive Artifact
    • Shock Artifact
    • Fire Artifact

    This build allows the user a flexable playstyle that is also very effective on the battlefield. The focus of this build is to deteriorate your enemy's life while …

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