• Terrific Taff

    Wrong place, Grinder

    January 20, 2014 by Terrific Taff

    So this is my first shot at attempting anything blog based, I am an avid grinder on the game the bosses get an absolute beating each time I reach the end/level cap.

    Today for instance I had an extreme bout of luck whilst fighting the 'Handsome Sorcerer' I managed to get the Shield 'Impaler' orange drop, as well as the 'Bearcat' Pearlescent weapon in one kill. While I was waiting for my fiancée to finish work, I fought the handsome Sorcerer 5 times and 4/5 kills got a rare weapon. (4 orange weapons and one pearlescent).

    I personally think my luck on this game could be better whereas my looting group thinks differently, they compare things to they're experience of gaming on borderlands 2. They have amassed a maximum of 4-5 orange rarity weapon…

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