For craw, i would reccomend moving around, being mobile, penetrating by the left and right. The weapon could be a Cobra, Ogre or any strong legendary jakobs. You could even use an Orion by spraying around him. Low zooms/hip fire are/is reccomended, since you'll be close to him. A good serpens could be used by throwing up a wall of flak for a significant amount of time, being S&S. A skull masher is good for the multible projectiles, seeing they all hit. An Unforgiven masher is even better, mine doing 545x7 double shot, doing more than 3,500+. A chopper would be last resort, but its so innacurate its accurate. Tell me your suggestions in the comments! My standard craw equips are orion, hellfire,serpens and undertaker. What do you think? Like it? Dislike it? Want more? Feedback appreciated.

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