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September 12, 2010
  • TheManOfIron

    So I was playing Borderlands (Obviously lol) and I went to Skag Gully, and I went the path to get the seeds for TK Baha (I didn't know until a while after) at around level 9, and managed to be maimed by all the elder and adult and spitter skags, and after I killed Scar, I got this OP Sniper [EDIT: The PPZ liquid sniper] (Really high damage, around 134, really good accuracy, GREAT RoF, and I have still been using it since that level. I am now level 16, and it is still about a 2 shot kill to regular enemies! Is this randomly generated, or is it always there and I got ahead of myself? Also, it was like a liquid sniper thing it said. It says the level requirement is level 19, but it had less power, only in the hundreds, and no level requiremen…

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