The Gunny

aka Gunny, The

  • I live in On the back porch, smoking cigars and smiting sock
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is I fix stuff
  • I am M
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    I do stuff on the wiki. And I sit in chat. And watch discussions. And the recent changes feed. It's my job to make sure everyone has a good experience at Nukapedia, except for trolls. Those I block. And their sock puppets. Blocking sock puppets is fun.
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  • The Gunny

    Bot flag request

    December 5, 2014 by The Gunny

    Howdy folks. I'd like to ask the community for support for a bot flag and inclusion on the AWB white list(edit:not needed) for my bot account. I would like to use this account for mass edits of minor varieties like link or category changes, template parameter updates (if needed), minor repetitive edits that are better done automatically by bot. The bot flag will keep the bot edits from spamming recent changes and wiki activity and inclusion on the AWB white list will allow the bot to be run automatically.

    I have enough familiarity with AWB to make these kinds of edits with the regex find/replace functions and have made these types of edits on other wikis. Although new to editing here, I am very familiar with mediawiki markup and editing. Of …

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