• The NFQ

    Not Much

    May 25, 2010 by The NFQ


    Not much happened. Just started working on my Siren more. Currently at 25. That's about it. Spent more other games this weekend. In three weeks, I'm gonna spend two months down at Calofornia. From there, I can try to get the rest of my achievements. Till next time.

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  • The NFQ

    There Is No Recoil...

    May 17, 2010 by The NFQ


    Well, I finished up mylast last backpack upgrade from Zombie Island and obtain my last skill point from Mad Moxxi. Now all that's left is to get the General Knoxx DLC. Been running Eridians again for weapon profiency. I'm proud to say my combat rifle is now completed. All that's left is sub-machine and sniper to work on. With the boring stuff out of the way, time to tell my LOOT THIS WEEKEND.

    Hyperion Executioner

    This gun, at first, seemed pretty awesome with that 2x Shock damage, but it's just garbage. With Metal Storm on, I can fire a sniper rifle just as fast (and more accurate) than this thing. Sold it after it failed me on headshots I needed in Mad Moxxi.

    Atlas Cyclops

    Now this is a sniper rifle. When it said 2.7x zoom, I thought …

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  • The NFQ


    Really got bored today on Borderlands, constantly running the Eridian guantlet to improve my profiency. So, I figured I can really test my skills, by using nothing but crappy revolvers I find as loot. Judging from my progress with this, I'm guessing it's hightime to get that General Knoxx DLC, seeing that I need cooler weapons, see what there is. For the record, within 3 hours, I picked up 27 revolvers. I raided Sledge's Safehouse, Earl's Scrapyard, Old Haven, and the Crimson Fastness with these "loot guns" I find. Not the best. Really seen better. However, I did find some nice Torque weapons and a Dahl: a shattering machine gun (blue) with 300ish damage and high 80 accuracy, and a sub-machine gun (blue) with around 210 damage with…

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