Well, I finished up mylast last backpack upgrade from Zombie Island and obtain my last skill point from Mad Moxxi. Now all that's left is to get the General Knoxx DLC. Been running Eridians again for weapon profiency. I'm proud to say my combat rifle is now completed. All that's left is sub-machine and sniper to work on. With the boring stuff out of the way, time to tell my LOOT THIS WEEKEND.

Hyperion Executioner

This gun, at first, seemed pretty awesome with that 2x Shock damage, but it's just garbage. With Metal Storm on, I can fire a sniper rifle just as fast (and more accurate) than this thing. Sold it after it failed me on headshots I needed in Mad Moxxi.

Atlas Cyclops

Now this is a sniper rifle. When it said 2.7x zoom, I thought it was okay, until I zoomed...Holy crap. The bullet hole was just as big as my circle. I was able to ping a bandit from Fyrestone to where they start coming from without a hitch. Keeping this with me.

Tediore Incendiary Guardian

I have a regular War Guardian, but both these have their uses. The Incendiary Guardian came with a nice 1.4x zoom (so it doesn't move slowly) and 2x Fire damage.

Vladof Glorious Havoc The gun has a standing 205 damage, 88.5 accuracy, 11.4 firing rate, and NO RECOIL (73% recoil reduction)! When Metal Storm kicks in, this gun doesn't even sway. It just sits there, tearing out shells like a broken vending machine. It's not strong, but it doesn't matter if it doesn't end at all.

S&S Mutinions Caustic Havoc

Just like the one above, only with 146 damage, 1x corrosive, and half the firing rate. It has a huge clip though. One for bandits, one for Lance.

Dahl BLR Bad Hornet

If my research is correct, than this gun won't ever need to reload. I would love to test it out, but the level is higher than mine (further the need to get the third DLC). I'll probably get my friend to shoot it and tell me what happens.

Yet Another Dahl Bulldog Carnage

I got a Bulldog a while back that shot rockets. Pretty insane, if you could boost the firing rate (thank you Heavy Gunner COM). Now I found another one, this time with a 150% melee damage boost. It's almost the ultimate Call Of Duty n00btube. Now it just needs auto-aiming.

S&S Mutinions Scoped Thanatos

$9,999,999 was the price. That's more than the bullet tour, so I bought it. Again, higher level than me, so I can't wait to use this. Since it's not a Cold model and has a 92.2 accuracy, it'll work much better than my current one.

Well, that's it. Took three days to finish. I'll try not be to so slow next time (or if worst comes to worst, stop collecting loot).