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  • Theseustwelve

    note: THIS IS NOT MY ADVERTISEMENT! It was apparently made by a user that didn't know how to make a blog post, and I thought I should make a blog post for it before the page got deleted for not really being about the games. if in any way I crossed a line, please leave it on my talk page. Here's the ad as it was, copied word for word.

      :    im looking for the Legendary Hunter class mod im willing to trade any of the following items im also looking for the thunderball fist


        :    LVL50 Intense devastator Damage 16515


        :    LVL50 Bladed Tattler Damage 5520x2


        :    LVL50 Sinewy Flakker Damage 15708x3


        :    LVL50 Burning infinity Damage 7233


        :    LVL50 Slippery Kerblaster Damage 31177


        :    LVL50 Boss Hammer Buster Damage 2057…

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