The release date announcement for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and also the imminent arrival of E3 2014, marks the point where the trickle of information documented on the Borderlands Wiki becomes a surge ahead of the torrent later this year. A link on the Games Hub points to the Borderlands Wiki, and this will undoubtedly bring in a fresh crop of contributors as well.

I have thus far held back on updates to the articles covering the four playable characters, much to the disappointment of a few I imagine, but this has been for a number of reasons:

  • Those articles currently cover existing characters, and back and forth editing of speculative pre-release information (subject to change) could be detrimental to the documentation of already released content.
  • Speculation is speculation, and for authoritative documentation we'd be better off gaining accurate data and subject names before making a pre-release mess.
  • There are structural issues with regards to things like article names, article content, navigation, categorisation, and so forth, to work through.

E3 will probably change my position from, "Wait for it... wait for it..." to "NOW!" This is the point where we will have videos to pour through and get some facts straight, so this is also the point where we need to get articles structurally in line.

The first consideration is the names of the playable characters. Currently we know who they become, or at least who we've been told they become. Wilhelm and Athena both have easy to update articles. Nisha presents a small problem with the name change, so do we create a new article called "Nisha" and treat her as a separate character? Or do we mash up the two, and maybe move the composite one to "Nisha"? (this causes issues with existing Borderlands 2 articles)

Claptrap is a slightly more complex problem. We currently have claptraps and the Claptrap compiled in the one article. The Ninja Assassin enemy was thankfully such a Jekyll and Hyde proposition that it's already separated. I'm thinking of setting up a disambiguation page to delineate the NPC from the robot archetype, and some of you will have already seen me move Claptrap (enemy) to Claptrap (faction) as I gradually sort out the character structure.

The weapons hopefully will be a lot easier to deal with this time around. So far Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel appears to have so much in common with Borderlands 2 that existing templates might well be viable with a few minor tweaks.

Now, over to you. Any thoughts and opinions, please reply below.

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