Upon review of the Borderlands Wiki location infobox, I've come to the conclusion that it needs a major overhaul. That's where all you skag killers come in. Your feedback is welcome.

First things first. Location categories are a bit unique (and bound to be overhauled along with the infobox). Note that there is a category called Category:Borderlands locations, whereas other groups of topics tend not to use "Borderlands" as a prefix. With Borderlands 2 just around the corner, we finally have a precedent to distinguish by "Borderlands" or "Borderlands 2", so I'm curious to see if that will attract any debate.

Note that such prefixes would set a precedent to extend that convention to the weapons, characters, etc. as well. Site-wide consistency can also be a good thing.

As for the infobox itself, it's time to expand the fields a bit.

  • Name: Fine as is. I tweaked it not so long ago to operate as a manual override if needed, but otherwise it defaults to the page name.
  • Region: Evidently this is intended to be a description of the terrain type, eg. barren wasteland, alpine tundra etc. Editors used it for links instead. We can leave it as links or edit all the pages to describe the terrain. Or do people want to try both? Suggest new headings if you think that's a plan.
  • Level: Looks fine
  • Inhabitants: Looks fine
  • DLC: Accounted for, but will need to change. If a DLC is present the article categorises into Category:[DLC name]. If not, then it goes into Category:Borderlands. I plan to change this to the structure I've put in elsewhere: "Borderlands" or "Borderlands 2" in a game field, and both the games and DLCs under "Appearances". Any further thoughts?

Lastly, what's still missing where short (preferably one or two words) info bites are concerned?

Further Submissions

  • Mission providers:
    • "Mission Providers" itself will generate lists upwards of 6 names in some places. Probably an idea better suited to the main body of an article.
    • Alternatively, "Amenities" or "Facilities" could cover vending machines (+ mention number throughout the area) and any bounty boards.
  • New U: ?
  • Fast Travel: ?
  • Catch-a-Ride: ?
  • Connections: ?

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