I am starting to chip away at the growing problem of mission articles having been categorised haphazardly.

What has happened: Manually added categories have been added to mission articles, initially with some kind of plan, but later apparently with more of a "seemed right at the time" mentality.

What this means: With Borderlands 2 released, and the DLCs coming hot on its heels, a bit of a mess has turned into a huge mess.

What is being done: In order to resolve this, manually added templates are being removed from mission articles and will be restored via the mission infobox (or a few other templates in rare cases. This will allow us to assess and rewrite the entire mission category structure with a small number of edits to the appropriate templates (several edits instead of hundreds in the long term).

As this process gets worked on, you may notice a few strange things occurring with the mission categories. Sometimes articles linking to categories don't initially appear in the list on the category page, for example. Don't be too concerned - it happens.

As a heads up, I'm going to run with a standard established early in the Borderlands Wiki's existence, where common nouns in the category will be lower case if they're not the first word, e.g. "Category:Scavenger missions".

As part of the update, I'm also adding the "game" field to mission infoboxes in the articles.

If anyone feels like assisting with this, the lower part of the mission infoboxes appearing on pages can be updated from this:

| next       = 
| dlc        = 

To this:

| next       = 
| game       = 
| dlc        = 
| type       = 

And now for feedback request. What's the preferred category name for the DLC mission categories? The full name, or a condensed version? (some of them are quite long)

If you would prefer to see a condensed version, eg. "Pirate's Booty missions", then please offer some examples.

Update: The mission infobox template is now categorising mission articles. Any mission article with the "dlc" field filled in will be categorised according to that DLC, while articles lacking data in that field will be categorised according to the main game campaign (Borderlands, or Borderlands 2).

I'm still interested in feedback. In addition to the above I've also been looking at the DLC categories that also supply a distinction between main missions and side missions. The Zombie Island ones have been removed due to a naming conflict, but the Claptrap's Revolution and Secret Armory ones are still in place for now. The reason to consider dropping them is because they cover two ideas instead of one: the DLC and main/side mission in one category. Does anywone really want to keep such a category?

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