With the announcement that Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode is coming to Borderlands 2 it has become necessary to update the mission infobox template to accommodate the third level and rewards. As a result of this all mission articles can now be considered a stub article in need of infobox updates, whether they are currently tagged as stubs or not.

To update pages simply add the new fields

| level3     = 
| rewards3   = 

... to the infobox below the level 2 entries, but only if you have the data to supply, or are updating a Borderlands 2 mission article for some other reason - we don't need extra page edits just to add blank fields.

I look forward to seeing the data roll in.

Additionally I have updated the level 2 entries to display "True Vault Hunter Mode" instead of "Playthrough 2" based on which game is listed in the "Game" field.

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