News / Overview:

Life is busy, that is why I couldn't post last night and why this one will be short I'll hopefully be back to normal by Monday.

I did finally get the Chopper, twice in fact. Once for myself and once for my dad, and it only took me 4 more tries to get it twice :P Lol. 50 failed attempts and then twice in a very short time. After I got it I went to farm Crawmerax for a while I killed him 10-15 times and didn't get anything really good but I got some decent weapons like a Maliwan Hellfire. I was doing it along side a level 52 and by the time we were done he was level 58. This person is rather good at helping me but sometimes he can be a real pain in the butt. Like tonight, I asked if he wanted to play and he said in a minute. An hour later I finally gave up on waiting for him and quit.. He sounds like a 12 year old on live chat so that is probably why he is so annoying ;).

Question: What is the worst person you have ever playing online with? In Borderlands or elsewhere.

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