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I have now farmed Motorhead about 50 times and The Chopper still eludes me. Perhaps it is because I am doing it by myself, maybe that is making it less likely for me to get it. Regardless, I will keep farming him until I get it or until my trigger finger falls off. It may seem like this time has been wasted since I haven't found anything better than a mediocre shield that I got a couple million for, but I have not let my time go completely without reward. Tonight I brought another proficiency to 50, only three remain. Next up is SMG. Farming him also brought some real life benefits. While watching me my sister decided that she wanted to learn how to play, something that greatly surprised me since we rarely like the same games. Even more surprising is she liked it, and she wasn't nearly as bad as I thought she would be. She killed him several times for me while I took breaks to do things like eat. Unfortunately this phenomenon may not be able to be continued until Sunday or Monday with a busy weekend coming up that will most likely cut into my Borderlands time. The only other thing I did today was help a level 51 through some early missions in the newest DLC. So that pretty much sums up my game experience today, not much excitement regrettably.

Question: Where should I start if I want to get more involved in the Wiki community? Should I start by editing more pages or by discussing things in the forum?

For Sale:

1) Level 57 Jakobs GGN XX Long Skullmasher
2) Level 61 Vladof RPG17/V2 Scoped Mongol
3) Level 58 Atlas AX300 Pearl Masher
4) Level 58 Torgue PPZ Detonating Cobra.

WarriorAngel 07:30, March 5, 2010 (UTC) Warriorangel400 <---- Add me on Xbox Live!

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