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How did you beat Terramorphous?

So, before you comment that this blog post has already been made, I am too lazy to scroll down and see if it's already made.

So, how did you manage to beat Terry? I did it today with a level 53 Cataclysm and Harmony based Siren. My weapon stats are:

Stopping Plasma Caster (Smg) (E-Tech) (Dahl)

Damage: 7140

Accuracy: 91.6

Fire Rate: 7.1

Reload Speed: 2.5

Magazine Size: 55

Burn Dmg/Sec: 3605.9

Chance to Ignite: 12.0%

Barking Railer (Sniper) (E-Tech) (Maliwan)

Damage: 26179

Accuracy: 95.1

Fire Rate: 2.9

Reload Speed: 4.0

Magazine Size: 6

Electrocute Dmg/Sec: 3606.1

Chance to Shock: 45.0%

Redy Stedy Oberkill! (Shotgun) (Purple) (Bandit)

Damage: 7393x17

Accuracy: 17.3

Fire Rate: 0.9

Reload Speed: 4.1

Magazine Size: 16

Pokee Doke Duuurp! (Rocket Launcher) (Green) (Torgue)

Damage: 212027

Accuracy: 66.7

Fire Rate: 1.1

Reload Speed: 9.5

Magazine Size: 4

Contraband Sky Rocket: (Grenade) (Unique) (Bandit)

Damage: Based on my level

Blast Radius: 1100

Fuse Time: 1.6

(Only obtainable by pre-ordering or The Handsome Collection)

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