i was over on the gearchat forum at the gearbox web site and i ocasionally post over there, so i posted on some of the weapons pages, then i was told not to post modded weapons on legit gun pages, this happen several times about a few guns i posted, i'm just wowed by the fact that so many ppl know everything about this games guns that if they haven't seen it in they're game then it can't be, i posted my 405 damage invader and was promtly told that invaders can't go over 350, really, i was told i can't have a redemption with 2600 damage and X4 elemental effect, also was told that penetrators can't be green and a couple of other things as well, have modder really jaded us that much that guns that are with in reason, not over powerfully but not seen in our own game can't exist? really ? personally i have probably have been on more off line farm runs then 95% of the ppl that play this game to date i have 11 days worth of time just for runs, i finished the game in a day and a half so 36 hours, i have farmed for 264 hours, i think i have seen more then most people. if you think wow you play this game way too much and have no life, well you partly right i have played this game way to much however i do have a life, i was hurt at work a year ago and am awaiting my second surgery so while most of you are at school or work im playing the game, cause i can't do much else. ALSO, when i do start modding guns i will state they are modded cause i can't stand ppl passing off modded weapons as real, but if it is possible then i will tend to side on a gun being legit, cause if you fool me, what is the point you get nothing from it cause i wont be invious of you.

Wylde bil 20:28, December 26, 2009 (UTC)

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