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April 7, 2010
  • I live in Memphis/TN
  • I was born on November 16
  • My occupation is College student
  • I am Male
  • Yoshi-TheOreo

    I'm still laughing from this, and when I finally got this person to shut up, I felt like sharing my wonderful experience that made my day. Hope this brings a smile to your faces. :D

    Okay, so I was farming Crawmerax with my Hunter; people coming in, snatching what they want, signing out and what not. Then this guy comes along, SucDsNuTz, and hits me with a message saying: "can u giv me pearlescent guns PLZZ". I like to help people, but when they're using mods that one shot everything in their path, what's the point in giving them guns that won't do the same? So I respond, "sry, if i had extras, i would :(". He promptly replies saying he/she will trade guns...I'm sorry, but seeing that you have that Jakobs SMG...with a damage multiplier of fi…

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  • Yoshi-TheOreo

    I'm sorry, I just had to share this one. It puzzles me how there are people out there who would do such a thing to get what they want. Anyway, it all started yesterday. My friend Willber and I were farming Crawbergax and I finally had got use to using my Hunter out on the field. When one of the players in our room, iluvjill11, shoots me a text asking can I help her find Crawbergax's lair on her game. I was confused at first by how no one could find this, but I couldn't leave a distress and decided to help him/her.

    He/She shoots me a friend request and I join his/her room. Turns out he/she didn't finish certain mission on his/her game, so I told him/her to just finish all your mission and go back to the mission board in T-Bone Junction to fi…

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  • Yoshi-TheOreo

    Good news all you Borderland manics! T.K. Baha is alive! Turns out the guy in the room was T.J. Baja, T.K's twin brother, who is also blind. Apparently he was making calls to the bandits about how he was pollowing their mothers and invited them over to watch. Well, nice to see T.K is alright. :D

    (Also, HD televisions rock! Took this picture from my digital camera and it came out so clear.)

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  • Yoshi-TheOreo

    Hey all you loyal viewers! It's me, Yoshi-TheOreo! Been out there farming that thar giant crawdad ever since I was a wee player, and was wondering if any of you kind hearted citizens out thar would be interested in trading me one of them real loyalty class mods called 'Badass' by the Torgue Corporation. Been poking around and still nutn. Nothing fancy, as long as it puts out the damage, but if you happen to have one with shield capacity that would be nice. Don't suppose you guys could help?...I got candy! (FYI, trade)

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  • Yoshi-TheOreo

    Crawmerax Can Fly!

    December 18, 2010 by Yoshi-TheOreo

    Okay, tonight was one of those special nights. Craw never ceases to amaze me. So I was farming Craw with some low levels to give them a hand; they were dying left and right, maggots picking them off one by one, the usual when this occurs. Craw takes out one of them. At this point, I exit Phasewalk and it was near completion after I set corrosion on the big ones. Suddenly, Craw turns at me from far across the map, and darts at me in midair like a maggot usually does. The sight of his fat butt flying through the air towards me..."!!!...Oh look, Phasewalk is back. :D ", and got out of there before he had a chance to bury me under him...and to complement my most horrific experience, after popping him, I found a 523 Crimson Invader…

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