Okay, tonight was one of those special nights. Craw never ceases to amaze me. So I was farming Craw with some low levels to give them a hand; they were dying left and right, maggots picking them off one by one, the usual when this occurs. Craw takes out one of them. At this point, I exit Phasewalk and it was near completion after I set corrosion on the big ones. Suddenly, Craw turns at me from far across the map, and darts at me in midair like a maggot usually does. The sight of his fat butt flying through the air towards me..."!!!...Oh look, Phasewalk is back. :D ", and got out of there before he had a chance to bury me under him...and to complement my most horrific experience, after popping him, I found a 523 Crimson Invader Sniper Rifle with 97 accuracy and 2.1 RoF...Has anyone bumped into this strange behavior Craw has just displayed before my eyes?

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