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Vandergraffen is a unique laser manufactured by Tediore. It can be obtained as a guaranteed drop from Deadlift.

Special Weapon Effects

I'm a fan of the flow. – Always shock element. Slightly increased accuracy, and increased elemental effect chance. When moving, a flashing animated effect covers the entire weapon surface. Thrown weapon inflicts continuous shock damage to all enemies near it before exploding.

Usage & Description


  • The unique barrel of the Vandergraffen visually resembles the standard Maliwan beam laser barrel.
  • It has the same visual effect as the Commerce.
  • Vandergraffen can spawn with any grip, stock, or sight. Its prefix will always be Alternating.


  • The name is a reference Robert Van de Graaff and his generator.
  • Vandergraffen's constant prefix Alternating is a reference to alternating current (AC), a type of flow of electric current. The flavor text "I'm a fan of the flow." is also a reference to electric current.

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